Travel Allowance

DStatG travel allowance for young scientists
and young scientists

The DStatG promotes the participation of junior scientists and young scientists at prestigious international statistical conferences. We cover your travel expenses and conference fees up to a total of 500,- €, if you give a lecture.

  • Her dissertation is not older than 3 years.
  • You are a member of DStatG.
  • Your account is balanced at time of application.
  • Presentations at prestigious international conferences
  • These include the big meetings of ISI, Bernoulli Society, IMS, American Statistical Association, Royal Statistical Society oder Econometric Society.
  • but it can also be an international workshop to your area of ​​expertise.
  • The DStatG decide on the eligibility of Konfernenz on the basis of your application.

At least 6 weeks before the conference starts. so you can already submit an application prior to submission. Of course, promotion will only, if you are accepted for presentation.

  • Set up an informal application with presentation title and description conference by mail to the address below. Please explain, which is why this event is important to you.
  • Apply prior to acceptance of your presentation to the conference a promotion, so you must specify the decision date (this is important for our planning). Tell us then, in a further email no later than 6 days after announcing the decision.
  • Submit at least 6 weeks after the conference your receipts (Incl. confirmation of participation) on. For legal reasons, DStatG can pay you a lump sum, but only settle the actual travel costs.

Send your complete documentation to:

German Statistical Society
Postfach 15 05
54205 Trier