Membership of the German Statistical Society in other societies and associations

The German Statistical Society is well-connected in many organizations and among other member of the following associations

German Association statistics (DAGStat)

The DStatG is a founding member of, the German Association statistics' (DAGStat). The DAGStat is an association of currently thirteen German scientific societies on the statistics and the Federal Statistical Office. It combines the different orientations of the discipline statistics and articulated the views of working on and with statistical methods scientists, scientist inside, Users and users in public. The DAGStat was founded in 2005.

The DAGStat held every three years - in cooperation with the DStatG and other statistical societies – a big International Scientific Conference, Also annual symposia on policy topics, which are related to statistics. The symposia are addressed to a wider public.

Federation of National European Statistical Societies (FENStatS)

Die ‚Federation of National European Statistical Societies‘ (FENStatS) is the umbrella organization of statistical societies in Europe. established in 2011, currently unites them 19 national societies. The DStatG one of its ten founding members.

The declared aim of FENStatS is, the communication, to promote cooperation and research work of statisticians and statisticians in Europe and to deepen relations of statistics to society and the European institutions. Especially it is committed to the dissemination of statistical education in Europe.

Important activities are FENStatS:

  • organizing meetings, bring together the producers and users / users of statistics
  • participation in the development of the official statistical program of the European Union
  • organizing training on new statistical methods: European Courses in Advanced Statistics (ECAS), the calling service statisticians and -statistikerinnen from academia and practice
  • the establishment of a European job market for statisticians and statisticians

corporate members