Statistical Week

annual meeting – Statistical Week
2020 nur online Veranstaltung am 16.09.2020

The focus of the events of the German Statistical Society is their annual meeting. It is part of the end of September each year, together with the Association of German Municipal Statisticians conducted statistical week. The annual meeting consists of about three priority themes as well as a variety of other conferences and meetings Committee. It includes the Gumbel Lecture, The Heinz Grohmann Lecture and the junior minisymposium. the ca. 500 participants of the Statistical Week come from all areas of statistics.

While the Statistical Week the German Statistical Society holds its annual General Assembly from. On this, the Management Board reported on the development of society, on new projects and of the publications program of the two journals of the Society; he also gives an account of the finances. The meeting provides an opportunity, articulate opinions and desires for work of the Management and Society.


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An impression methodically oriented on the diversity, empirical or current political issues positions of the Annual Meetings mediates the subsequent compilation of the frame main topics of the lectures: