Wolfgang Wetzel Award


Zur Förderung herausragender Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und Nachwuchswissenschaftler schreibt der Vorstand der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft den Wolfgang-Wetzel-Preis der DStatG für das Jahr 2020 aus. Der Preis ist nach dem ehemaligen Vorsitzenden der DStatG benannt, which began during his tenure, especially for strengthening the mathematical and statistical methods in society. Prize will be awarded during the Statistical Week. The price is 1.000 euro endowed. The board of the German Statistical Society has on 18. decided in February 2011, to forgive the Wolfgang Wetzel Award annually. As in 2011, the prize money from the Opens external link in new window Springer spectrum in 2019 | Springer-Verlag GmbH acquired. To finance the Wolfgang Wetzel Award, we would like to thank the Springer-Verlag.
The prize is awarded to young scientists and young researchers up to five years after graduation. was awarded an outstanding contribution to the statistical methodology and its application. The Laureates contribution is usually from an already published or at least accepted for publication Publication. It is also the award of several publications, which have been written with different coauthors. In co-authorships the price can also be shared.

the publication (or publications) must in the ceremony or during the two preceding calendar years or published. have been accepted for publication. The proposal is made by a member of the German Statistical Society. The / The proposed young scientists / junior scientist must be a member of DStatG. Self-proposals are not possible.

Die Vergabe des Preises erfolgt während der Statistischen Woche 2020 in Dresden. The prize committee consists this year of Göran Kauermann, Ostap Okhrin, Thomas Kneib and Yarema Okhrin.

prize winners

year prize winners encomium
2019 Prof. nestor Parolya
2018 Dr. Yannick Hoga
2017 Dr. Roxana Halbleib more
2016 Dr. Heiko Grönitz
2015 Dr. Nadja Klein more
2014 JProf. Dr. his Manner more
2013 JProf. Dr. Dominik Wied
2012 Dr. Sonja Greven
2011 Dr. Jörg Drechsler

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