National Accounts, Welfare Measurement

Tasks, Goals and Contents:

The working group focuses on macroeconomic and aggregate quantitative reporting systems, such as national accounts or indicator approaches to welfare measurement. The focus is on methodological-conceptual issues, i.e., the adequate representation of certain (new) economic, ecological, or social phenomena and developments, as well as on questions of practical implementation (“best practice”). Furthermore, the working group is involved in the further development of international reporting systems, which often form the framework for national reporting. An exchange between scientists, producers, and users is also to be encouraged.

Topic selection:

  • Economic growth
  • Welfare measurement
  • Business cycle
  • Productivity
  • Income, wealth and their distribution
  • Globalization, foreign trade
  • Input-output
  • Private and public budgets
  • Sector accounts
  • Sustainability, economic change and crises

Activities: The working group meets regularly as part of the Statistical Week and organizes workshops on the topic.



Albert Braakmann
Federal Statistical Office