“Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary
for efficient citizenship as the ability
to read or write.”
(H.G. Wells)

In 2011, the German Statistical Society (DStatG) celebrated the centenary of its activities. It was founded on June 17th, 1911, as a section of the German Sociological Society.  → More

Today, the society unites university professors and practitioners of statistics from a wide range of application areas. It promotes scientific progress in the development of statistical methods and their implementation in practice by organizing major scientific conferences and publishing two journals. → More

On the occasion of the anniversary, the commemorative publication “Statistics in Germany, 100 Years of the Statistical Society” was published by Springer-Verlag, edited by Heinz Grohmann, Walter Krämer, and Almut Steeger. On the one hand, it reviews the eventful history of the society, and on the other hand, it presents the fields of work of statistics in a way that is readable for non-specialists.  → More

100 years in the picture – Statistics in Germany