Band 92 (2008)

Autor(en) Titel Seite Rubrik
Schunk, Daniel A Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm for multiple imputation in large surveys 101-114
Grillenzoni, Carlo Robust nonparametric estimation of the intensity function of point data 117-134
Varin, Cristiano On composite marginal likelihoods 1-28
Eckel, S., Fleischer, F., Grabarnik, P., Schmidt, V. An investigation of the spatial correlations for the relative purchasing power in Baden-Württemberg 135-152
Kohler, Michael A regression-based smoothing spline Monte Carlo algorithm for pricing American options in discrete time 153-178
Singer, Hermann Generalized Gauss-Hermite filtering 179-195
Bauer, Thomas K., Sinning, Mathias An extension of the Blinder-Oaxaca decomposition to nonlinear models 197-206
Kloberdanz, Kathrin, Schmidt, Klaus D. Prediction in the linear model under a linear constraint 207-215
Bukac, Josef Comparison of measuring devices 217-227
Qiang, Li, Yi, Wu A note on "Data depths satisfying the projection property" 229-232
Romanazzi, Mario A note on the simplical depth function 235-253
Tahata, Kouji, Tomizawa, Sadao Orthogonal decomposition of point-symmetry for multiway tables 255-269
Hogrefe, Jens Forecasting data revisions of GDP: a mixed frequency approach 271-296
Schmid, Wolfgang, Taras Zabolotskyy On the existence of unbiased estimators for the portfolio weights obtained by maximizing the Sharpe ratio 29-34
Pyy-Martikainen, Marjo, Rendtel, Ulrich Assessing the impact of initial nonresponse and attrition in the analysis of unemployment duration with panel surveys 297-318
Weiß, Christian H. Thinning operations for modeling time series of counts - a survey 319-341
Wegener, Michael, Kauermann, Göran Examining heterogeneity in implied equity risk premium using pnalized splines 35-56
Holzmann, Hajo, Vollmer, Sebastian A likelihood ratio test for bimodality in two-component mixtures with application to the regional income distribution in the EU 57-69
Weiß, Christian H., Göb, Rainer Measuring serial dependence in categorical time series 71-89
Demetrescu, Matei, Tarcolea, Adina I. Bias correction for the regression-based LM fractional integration test 91-99