Band 91 (2007)

Autor(en) Titel Seite Rubrik
Okhrin, Yarema, Schmid, Wolfgang Comparison of different estimation techniques for portfolio selection 109-127
Niermann, Stefan Testing for linearity in simple regression models 129-139
Scharff, Juliane Inflation and the Divergence of Relative Prices: Evidence from a Cointegration Analysis 141-158
Arntz, Melanie, Wilke, Ralf A. An application of cartographic area interpolation to German administrative data 159-180
Bomsdorf, Eckart, Otto, Clemens A new approach to the measurement of polarization for grouped data 181-196
Bachmaier, Martin Consistency of completely outlier-adjusted simultaneous redescending M-estimators of location and scale 197-219
Kneib, Thomas, Baumgartner, Bernhard, Steiner, Winfried J. Semiparametric multinomial logit models for analysing consumer choice behaviour 225-244
Fassò, Alessandro, Locatelli, Samuele Asymmetric monitoring of multivariate data with nonlinear dynamics 23-37
Saidane, Mohamed, Lavergne, Christian A structured variational learning approach for switching latent factor models 245-268
Tomizawa, Sadao, Miyamtot, Nobuko Diagonal uniform association symmetrty models for cumulative probabilities in square tables 269-278
Frölich, Markus On the efficiency of propensity score matching 279-290
Martin, Klaus, Böckenhoff, Annette Analysis of short-term systematic measurement error variance for the difference of paired data without repitition of measurement 291-310
Basic, Edin, Rendtel, Ulrich Assessing the bias due to non-coverage of residential movers in the German Microcensus Panel: an evaluation using data from the Socio-Economic Panel 311-334
Becker, Martin, Friedmann, Ralph, Klößner, Stefan, Sanddorf-Köhle, Walter A Hausmann test for Brownian motion 3 - 21
Kauermann, Göran, Weihs, Claus Statistical consulting 343-347
Unwin, Antony Statistical consulting interactions: a personal view 349-359
Bowman, Adrian Interdisciplinary research: the importance of learning other people's language 361-365
Windmann, Michael, Kauermann, Göran Statistical consulting at German universities: Results of a survey 367-378
Schmidt, Christoph M. Policy evaluation an economic policy advice 379-389
Wormer, Holger Figures, statistics and the journalist: an affair between love and fear 391-397
Golosnoy, Vasyl Sequential monitoring of minimum variance portfolio 39-55
Berding, Christoph, Kleider, Wilhelm Medical laboratory diagnostics and statistics 399-406
Ritter, Christian Seeking useful contribution 407-411
Engel, Jan, Hoonhout, Henriette (Jettie) C.M. Statistics development: statistical methods meeting the user's needs 413-427
Weihs, Claus Quality assurance for statistical consulting 429-440
Nadarajah, Saralees, Kotz, Samuel Moments of a product Pearson type VII density distribution 441-448
Koshevoy, Gleb A., Mosler, Karl Multivariate Lorenz dominance based on zonoids 57-76
Beer, Michael Bootstrapping a hedonic price index: experience from used cars data 77-92
Nadarajah, Saralees, Kotz, Samuel Proportions, sums and ratios 93-106