Economic, Social- and Market Statistics

Economic, Social- and Market Statistics

Committee Chairman: Dr. Andreas Kladroba (SV nonprofit Society for Science statistics GmbH)
Substitute: Solveig hunters (Federal Association of German Industry (Bdi))
Election: Herbst 2020


task, aim, content:

The Committee's mission is, Problems from the practical statistical work in companies, pick up associations and market research institutes and close the existing gap between statistical theory and practice to help. Above all, the significance of statistics should be improved and their collection is great for.

Topic selection:

  • Long-term predictions branch on the basis of input-output models,
  • The use of business survey data for analysis and forecasting of economic gradients
  • Monitoring technological competitive positions using the Ifo patent statistics
  • Data for Environmental Economics
  • The industrial services using the example of the electrical industry and mechanical engineering
  • Globalization of procurement markets
  • Internet economy

    meeting dates:
    The Committee shall meet regularly in the Statistical week to talk- and discussion event together; recently he also takes part in the Whitsun Conference. Additional workshops experiences about practical issues to be replaced. All kinds of events are statisticians from the business community the opportunity, their problems not only with each other, but also with statisticians, representing the theory, to discuss.

Notice of incorporation:
Der Ausschuss führt seit 1974 die Arbeit der früheren Ausschüsse “Marktbeobachtung und Marktanalyse” und “Statistik des Betriebs” fort, die ihrerseits aus dem bereits 1950 gegründeten Ausschuss “Anwendungen statistischer Methoden in der Industrie” hervorgegangen sind.


Working Groups:

Labor Market and Social Security National accounts, Measuring Welfare