Statistical Theory and Methods

Statistical Theory and Methods

Committee Chairman: Prof. Dr. Harry main (University of Passau)
Deputy Chairman: Prof. Dr. Matthew Demetrescu (University of Kiel)
Election: Herbst 2020


task, aim, content:

The Committee provides a forum for presentation and discussion of all issues of statistical theory and methodology. Welcome are scientific contributions of all kinds, from pure statistical theory, on application-related statistical methods, Computational Statistics and data analysis to empirical applications, if they are based on a statistical methodology. Meetings of the Committee occcasionally take place under a general theme. The Committee sees itself primarily as a platform for young scientists in the field of statistics. PhD students, Postdoctoral and other young scientists, who wish to present their research results, are therefore particularly welcome.

Topic selection:

  • General estimation- and test theory
  • Methods and applications of time series analysis
  • Generalized Linear Models
  • Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Applications special new methods

Notice of incorporation:
The Committee was founded in 1949 from the 1957 Committee sampling procedure shown.

Working Groups:

Nonparametric and Robust Statistics