Statistics in Environmental Sciences, science and technology

Statistics in Environmental Sciences, science and technology

Committee Chairman: Prof. Dr. Ansgar Steland (RWTH Aachen)
Deputy Chairman: Prof. Dr. Guido Knapp (University of Dortmund)
Election: Herbst 2020


task, aim, content:

The committee is dedicated to research on stochastic modeling, Methodology and statistical data analysis related to problems of the environment- and science and technology. These regions are characterized by the, that complex models must be designed and tested, The often include time and space as dimensions and physical, technical or biological findings match. Research questions range from sampling plans, modeling, statistical tests and uncertainty quantification as well as topics such as structural analysis, Change detection and process control. The application to real data typically requires the use of computer-intensive estimation methods and simulations, which can be scaled to large amounts of data.

The objectives of the Committee may be summarized as follows:

  • Forum for the presentation and critical discussion of the latest statistical methods in this area
  • Promoting cooperation with practitioners to increase scientific exchange through increased involvement in the events of the Committee
  • Intensification of talks between university statisticians and statisticians working in practice, to accelerate the dissemination of recent methodological developments and to ensure a continuous training

Topic selection:

  • Statistical Process Control and Reliability
  • Structural Analysis and Monitoring
  • Environmental and Spatial Statistics
  • Dependent Data
  • Stochastic Modeling
  • Statistics for Stochastic Processes
  • Sampling Design

Notice of incorporation:
The committee exists under its current name since 1990. He walked out of the Committee on “Technical Statistics”, established in 1982, out.