Methodology of Statistical Surveys

Methodology of Statistical Surveys

Committee Chairman: Prof. Dr. his Kiesl (OTH-Regensburg)
Deputy Chairman: Thomas Riede (Federal Office of Statistics)
Election: Herbst 2021

task, aim, content:

The Committee is a forum for the discussion of theoretical-methodological and application-related problems of statistical surveys. He sees his main task, to promote the development of the survey methodology and the scientific dialogue between those who work in practice statisticians (in particular the official statistics) to encourage and statisticians from universities and other research institutions.

Topic selection:

  • New sampling methods in official statistics
  • Methods discussion of a register-based or register-based census
  • Use of registers as a substitute for primary research
  • Methodological problems in panel surveys
  • New method for treating non-responses and missing values
  • Small Area Estimation
  • Methodology of telephone samples
  • Statistical properties of Nonprobability surveys
  • Record Linkage und Statistical Matching
  • A method for anonymous economic statistics data items

Notice of incorporation:
Der Ausschuss wurde 1986 gegründet.