Education and training
  • Education and training

Education and training

Committee chairman: Prof. Dr. Ulrike Rockmann (Uni Oldenburg)
Deputy Chairman: Prof. Dr. Torsten Harms (Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, Karlsruhe)
Election: Herbst 2020


task, aim, content:

The committee deals with the many facets of the off- and training in statistics. It comprises the specialized events in educational institutions, as the general schools, universities, other scientific and vocational institutions. Included is an analysis of frameworks and curricula – auch im internationalen Vergleich.

For scientific statistics education central issues are substantive and formal standards for basic studies in statistics courses, that secure a generally accepted level of education even with different focus courses at various universities and the offer in the main study. Theme is also the statistics education as a "service" for other studies and the specific requirements for didactic and methodological approaches. In addition, deals with the committee teaching-learning materials and courses, die auch außerhalb des institutionellen Rahmens angeboten werden.

Topic selection:

  • The trade statistics in the study of economics
  • Statistik in BA- and MA courses
  • Methods required in applied research
  • Multimedia and Internet – Apps and eLearning in statistics education
  • Requirements of professional practice at the statistics education
  • Statistics in secondary
  • Special studies modules, as the Additional certificate for Master's degree Master in Official Statistics (WILL)
  • Dealing with complex monitoring indicators in the teaching
  • Use of data of official statistics in teaching

Notice of incorporation:
Der Ausschuss wurde bereits 1948 im Rahmen der Neugründung der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft eingerichtet.

Working Groups:

Statistical Literacy