Youth Development

junior workshop

With the junior workshop The company provides a forum for intensive discussion of research with other young researchers and young researchers and renowned experts. Through active participation in the youth workshop, you can use the following additional funding:

  • In addition, any(r) participating young scientist (young scientists) 1 year free use of the membership of the German Statistical Society.
  • When participating in the Statistical Week the participation fee applicable.
  • A membership in the DStatG You can store up to 2 Magazines Respectively.
    • young members (to 30. age) pay reduced membership fee of 18 euros.


Membership in the company to 30. age

  • young members (to 30. age) pay a reduced membership fee of 18 euros (more).

Statistical Week

In addition, the Company has Promotion of young scientists the goal. Who at a meeting of the German Statistical Society holds a lecture as a non-member and 35. Age has not yet completed, has the opportunity - without paying a fee - to become a member for one year. Such lectures is also connected to a further incentive: The Company may grant a travel allowance in these cases.

  • a Travel Allowance of up to 250 euros young scientists can get, keep on the Statistical Week a lecture.
    Danger: Deadline for submission of applications for travel allowance
    Statistical week is the 30. July for the year. (Travel expenses form)
  • A free membership for one year awards the German Statistical Society of speakers at a meeting of the Company (Statistical Week (annual meeting), Wiesbaden Colloquium, junior workshop).
    • young members (to 30. age) pay a reduced membership fee of 18 euros (more).