Types of Membership

Private Member

They are taken by the Board at the request. The individual members "discounted" Members are distinguished under "normal" and. A reduced membership can be up to 30. Age be claimed.

your benefits

… for individual members

The personal members can participate for free in the committees of their choice have the advantage of favorable conditions in all events of society and participate and DAGStat. All members are encouraged and supported, to participate in the activities of the company. These include u. a. lecture- and discussions at the events of the company and submitting manuscripts for the two magazines of society, “Advances in Statistical Analysis” and “Economic- and Social ArchiveAcademic”. Plus a circular provides our DStatG Info-mail in which you receive information about meetings and job postings. Members get access to our online area. Here you can view videos and photos, among other annual session. You can enjoy its list of members available. This allows our members to network easily and quickly around the world. You can also personally make at conferences an important network of contacts and maintain. Each individual member can serve on a committee or several committees as a member.

…  for discounted members

Among the benefits, the "normal" member holds, eligible for reduced members to the following benefits:

You have the option to apply for a travel allowance for the statistical week of 250 euros. At the same time eliminates the contribution to the Statistical Week. In addition, a travel allowance is possible for international conferences in the amount of 500 euros. In the latter case will be decided after application and quality.

Membership fees

The annual fee forpersonal members is60 Euro.reduced members pay a reduced fee of18 Euro. In both cases, the paper concludes the optional purchase one of the two magazinesTo stay – Advances in Statistical Analysis orTo stay – Economic- and Social ArchiveAcademic on. For74 Euro (bzw. 32 Euro for discounted members) receive both magazines. *

By the age of 60. Year of life can dispense members to magazine subscription, the contribution decreases to then 42 Euro.

* When signing up for a membership, you can choose freely, if you wish to receive the magazine on paper or digitally If you opt for the digital version, You have to be able to easily access the advantage magazines from the past.

corporate members

As corporate members of the German Statistical Society organizations to, authorities, Institute, Join scientific associations and other organizations, which provides the scientific tasks of the Society are to promote. On their inclusion will also decide the Board.

Benefits for corporate members

  • With corporate members the annual fee is free agreement.
  • There is also a previously agreed-free quota for the Statistical weeks.
  • The number of magazines is determined by the negotiated membership fee.
  • You have the option on the Statistical week submitted its own proposal for a meeting. Here it is also possible to form a working group.
  • Corporate members can nominate up to three representatives of their institution in society, who have the same advantages as a personal Mitglied.Ein corporate member may be a member of one or more committees.

Membership fees

With corporate members the annual fee is freely agreed.

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Membership of a committee

A member can belong to multiple exclusions. As a member of a committee to propose you the advantage of a proposal for a private event at your university or institution. This event is available at the request supported by the DStatG. It is also possible to apply for a refund of the expenses for other club activities.
You can get involved creatively in the Committee, new projects and events planning and thus actively participate in the life of our society.
The members of the board and the chairmen of the committees are volunteers.