Junior minisymposium

The mini symposium is a body set up in 2006 special session on a current research topic. The management and organization of mini symposium can younger statisticians and statisticians apply. The mini symposium opened young scientists and young researchers the opportunity, or a current topic by appropriate speakers. introduce speakers.


year title Organizer
2019 Models for Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data Prof. Dr. Philipp Otto
2018 Statistical Computing Ass.-Prof. Dr. Nicholas circulation
2017 Portfolio-Analysis under Parameter Uncertainty Prof. Dr. nestor Parolya
2016 Extreme Value Theory and Applications Prof. Dr. Andrea Country
2015 Statistical Ecology Prof. Dr. Roland Langrock
2014 Discrete Data: Recent Advances and New Challenges Prof. Dr. Jan Gertheiss
2013 Modeling Multivariate Risks Prof. Dr. his Manner
2012 Statistical Methods for Longitudinal Functional Data Prof. Dr. Sonja Greven
2011 Hypothesis tests for non-stationary time series Prof. Dr. Christoph Hanck
2010 Microeconometrics:
Theory and Applications
Prof. Dr. Christoph Rothe
2009 Forecasting and Persistence Prof. Dr. Matthew Demetrescu
2008 Extended Regression Modelling Prof. Dr. Thomas Kneib
2007 Estimated risk and model uncertainty Prof. Dr. Yarema Okhrin
2006 Modern concepts of multivariate statistics Prof. Dr. Gabriel Frahm