Heinz Grohmann Lecture

Background of the Heinz Grohmann Lecture

With the Grohmann Lecture a scientist is honored, who in his varied work for statistics - has often and emphatically way affiliated scientific theory and its application in practice and initiated his work the political discussion in various areas and influences - both inside and outside the German Statistical Society. was fundamental for him the insight, that economic and social policy-relevant scientific findings also always dealing with the respective historical backgrounds and the institutional framework and the actors directing objectives, presupposes values ​​and norms.

The Grohmann Lecture includes application-related topics in the field of economic, population- and social statistics, especially those of particular economic or social importance. The spectrum is broad. It covers topics of family, educational- and labor market policies as well as those of the housing, health- and social policy, To name a few just important in an aging society fields. Specific topics could about international comparison of labor market (immigration, Skills shortage) or the influence of consumer prices to the Hartz IV-rule sets (Limits of a statistical model) his. But the spectrum of topics also reaches far into the issues, those of the Stiglitz report has triggered: the statistical measure of wealth, especially insofar, as this can not be expressed in monetary terms. This includes,. B. a sound recording and evaluation of household production, the subjective assessment of their own situation in life in relation to the measured by income, the non pecuniary effects of unemployment or sickness, etc the availability of resources such as real property. from all, but also from all other considerations, the question may to a possible need realignment of the system of official statistics, indeed the entire information infrastructure derived, but with the limited nature of resources and thus possibly concomitant paradigm shift could be addressed. All this and ultimately issues such as the reputation of statistics in society, ethical standards and legal issues of the statistics come as potential subjects of Grohmann Lecture considered.

Former speaker of the Heinz Grohmann Lecture

year speaker Title of the lecture
2019 Prof. Dr. Bernd Fitzenberger Wage inequality in Germany: facts, dates, analyzes
2018 Prof. Dr. Gabriele Doblhammer A long healthy life? New findings from the use of population-based secondary data.
2017 Prof. Dr. There Notburga Poverty measurement and poverty reduction: OECD scale and "Statistics" model made of the need for control computation on the sample
2016 Prof. Dr. Walter Krämer The demographic time bomb: Causes and consequences of childlessness
2015 Prof. Dr. Joachim Wagner 25 years use of confidential company data from official statistics f? ÜR economic research: Products, projects, Problems, perspectives
2014 Prof. Dr. Walter Müller Educational opportunities and social mobility in Germany
2013 Prof. Dr. Hans-Juergen Andress Poverty and wealth: Germany in a world of increasing income inequality
2012 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz Modeling and Forecasting Social Change with Demographic Methods
2011 Prof. Dr. Axel Boersch-Supan How well we can estimate the effects of demographic change? What is certain, why do we need more data?